How Often Should You Schedule Dental Check-Ups?

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How Often Should You Schedule Dental Check-Ups?

Although we would all agree that dental check-ups are extremely important, the data on Australia’s oral health tracker reveals that only about 50% of adults over 18 have visited their dentists in the last 12 months. A large number of Australians have severe tooth decay, which could be avoided by going in for routine dental check-ups. At WiSE Dental, we strongly believe that the only way to manage your dental health and to keep serious issues at bay is to visit a dentist once every six months. However, while this may be enough for most people, there are certain factors that may require an individual to visit the dentist more often. If you are someone seeking treatment for years of unaddressed tooth decay, or an individual wearing adult braces, you may need to visit the dental clinic more often to monitor your progress.

Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Dental check-ups are the only opportunity your dentist gets to take a close look at your teeth, jaw, gums and other soft tissue. Using their training, dentists look for early signs of cavities, gum disease and other conditions and seek to begin treatment before the problem becomes serious. A dental check-up also provides insight into other possible health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory illnesses. During a routine check-up, a dentist will also perform a professional cleaning of your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. Even if you brush your teeth twice and day and floss regularly, there is no better way to clean your teeth than by an experienced dental professional with world-class dental tools

You can greatly reduce your dental costs by addressing dental problems early, and save yourself that daunting root canal treatment or lengthy tooth extraction.

Preventative Dental Care

The Australian Dental Association recommends a visit to the dentist every six months. Research indicates that for most people who lead a normal, reasonably healthy lifestyle, the onset of cavities, decay and other dental conditions can be identified and treated within this period of time. At WiSE Dental, we are strong proponents of preventive dentistry because it allows us to monitor each patient’s dental health in detail and to shape personalised treatment plans and oral care routines.

Should I Visit The Dentist More Often?

Wondering if you need to visit the dentist more often than others? If you are in any of these groups, we recommend speaking to your dentist about your dental plan.

  • Individuals who are diabetic
  • Smokers
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with periodontal disease
  • Patients with compromised immune systems

Professional Dentist For Routine Dental Checkups

WiSE Dental specialises in a wide range of dental services such as emergency dentistry, veneers, adult braces and root canal treatment. Contact us today with all your questions about routine dental check-ups, braces cost Macquarie Park-wide, composite veneers and more.