For patients who are self-conscious about their gums and looking to restore their smile and confidence, a gum lift might be the right answer. A gum lift contours the appearance of the gum line to improve teeth-to-gum ratio and form a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

A gum lift, otherwise known as gum contouring or gingival sculpting, is a procedure designed to remove gum tissue from the top of the teeth to create a radiant smile you are happy to bear. The gums may cover tooth structure which can make teeth appear short or wide. And when the proportion of gum-to-tooth ratio is close, some people feel as though their smile appears “gummy.” Our dentists at Wise Dental can correct a gummy smile with a gum lift procedure.


Other common gum problems that can be corrected with a gum lift or gum contouring include uneven gums and loss of tissue between your teeth. If considering a gum lift, our dentists will evaluate the gum line to assess which areas need contouring and how to achieve symmetry of the teeth. The procedure is quick and gives you instant results! Your smile will be transformed in one short visit. Our dentists, correct and treat many dental concerns patients have, including a gummy smile.

If you are considering a gum lift to achieve a more appealing and attractive smile, call us on 02 9216 7676.