Are you self-conscious about the appearance of your gums? A gum lift may be a potential treatment option to reduce a gummy smile and restore your confidence. The procedure for gummy smile correction involves contouring the gum line to improve teeth-to-gum ratio and form a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Book a consultation at WiSE Dental in Macquarie Park to see if gum lift surgery is a good option for you. 

What is a Gum Lift?

A gum lift, sometimes also referred to as gum contouring or gingival sculpting, is a procedure whereby gum tissue is removed from the top of your teeth to create a smile you are happier with. The procedure can also correct issues such as uneven gums and loss of tissue between your teeth. Gum lifts are considered a cosmetic dental procedure that isn’t medically required in many cases. The aim is to improve aesthetics and confidence.  

 In cases where you have gum recession or loss of gum tissue, a gum transplant or graft may instead be recommended as an appropriate treatment option. This procedure ensures you have enough gum tissue to support the structure of your tooth and prevents bacteria building up underneath your gums and accessing the root of your tooth. 

Closeup portrait of a young woman smiling and showing her Gummy smile

What Causes a Gummy Smile That Requires a Gum Lift?

If your gums cover tooth structure, they can make teeth appear short or wide. When the proportion of gum-to-tooth ratio is too close, some people feel as though they have “gummy teeth”. Our experienced dentists at WiSE Dental can correct gummy teeth with a cosmetic gum lift surgery.  

The procedure is quick and gives you instant results. Your smile can be transformed in just one short visit. The procedure is most commonly performed on the front teeth to improve the balance and overall look of your smile. 

What is the Procedure for Gummy Smile Treatment?

If considering gum lift surgery, our dentists will start by evaluating the gum line to assess which areas need contouring and how to best achieve symmetry of the teeth. Your dentist may use a local anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable and painless procedure before expertly removing excess gum tissue with a high-precision laser or scalpel. 

In some cases, patients might have a significant volume of bone growth in their mouths as well as excess gum tissue. This extra bone growth can get in the way of an effective gum lift procedure, meaning bone recontouring may occasionally need to be completed together with your gum lift surgery. 

Book a Consultation Today for a Gum Lift in Macquarie Park

Like all cosmetic dental health procedures, the first step to getting a gum lift is a consultation. Book a visit with the expert team at WiSE Dental in Macquarie Park for a comprehensive evaluation of your smile and to see whether a gum lift is a good option for you. Call us today on 02 9119 7963 or contact us online.