Preventive dentistry is a field of oral care that seeks to prevent serious dental issues by providing patients with strong oral care practices and encouraging them to get their regular dental checkup. At Wise Dental, we conduct routine examinations, teeth cleaning, take periodic X-rays and help patients with personalised dental care advice to empower them on their oral health journey.

Benefits Of Preventive Dental Care

Close-up view of woman's teeth with dental equipment

There are many reasons why preventive dentistry is the most sustainable and effective way to maintain optimal oral hygiene. At Wise Dental, a dedicated team of professionals take the time to get to know you, your specific needs, and to create a customised approach that fixes current problems and prevents future dental issues. Here are just some of the reasons we recommend preventive dental care.

Early Detection Of Oral Diseases

Diseases such as periodontal disease, serious tooth decay and even oral cancer can be treated effectively, provided they are detected in time. At Wise Dental, we use advanced dental technology during your dental checkup to rule out signs of serious oral diseases.

Save On Dental Costs

Preventive dentistry doesn’t just keep you out of the dentist’s office, it also saves you money on more expensive, invasive procedures that may be required if a dental issue becomes serious.

Better Aesthetics

Regular teeth cleaning not only makes your teeth look better, it also reduces the likelihood of chronic bad breath, protects your gums and drastically improves oral hygiene.

Preventive Care Services

Wise Dental is a trusted dental clinic that believes that preventive dental services should be thorough and comprehensive. Our services include:

  • Dental checkup during your gums, teeth and jaw are examined by a team of skilled dentists using the best technology
  • Deep tooth and gum cleaning services that remove plaque and tartar that cannot be dislodged using home oral care practices
  • We consider it our duty to give patients of all ages the information and advice they need to maintain their dental health at home using research based best practices.

High-Quality Dental Checkup For Tooth Decay

Would you like to get the latest information on effective oral care practices? Contact Wise Dental today for cutting-edge dental advice, or book a check up with us now!