The Damon System

At Wise Dental Macquarie Park, we’re proud to provide healthy, beautiful smiles to patients throughout the communities of Sydney with quality Orthodontic treatment. Our extended hours operate from 10am to 10pm 7days week, helps you fit in appointments required to bring that beautiful smile into reality. We offer a wide range of treatments to our patients including the Damon System braces and Invisalign.

Close up view of woman's teeth braces

An alternative for those seeking the benefits of traditional orthodontic braces, the Damon System is a revolutionary new form of braces that incorporates several new technological advancements, providing a faster, more comfortable, and more aesthetically appealing treatment option.

Traditional Braces Vs. Damon Braces

Damon braces use the same fundamental method as traditional metal braces, but they incorporate new innovations for more effective treatment. Instead of traditional brackets and elastics, Damon braces use a special “passive self-ligating” bracket: a bracket that holds the archwire in place on its own, without the need for elastics. With traditional braces, the elastic ties hold the archwire firmly in place in the bracket, creating friction and restricting movement. This means that the archwire can only shift the angle of the teeth statically, often requiring many iterations of the archwire to reach the finalized smile.

Self-ligating brackets, however, allow the bracket to slide freely along the archwire during treatment. This allows for more flexible tooth movement and combined with the advanced memory-shape wires used in Damon braces, gives us the ability to shift the alignment of the teeth with more precision and help you get your new smile faster. Self-ligating brackets are also gentler on teeth and the tissues supporting them, meaning treatment with Damon braces is both faster and more comfortable than traditional braces. Damon braces offer an exciting new way for you to achieve a new smile more comfortably, conveniently, and quickly than ever!

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No matter what orthodontic condition you’re facing, Damon braces are an exciting new option to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile – and if you’re considering improving your smile, our dentists would love to help. Contact us on (02) 9216 7676 today to learn more about Damon braces. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re excited to help you achieve the smile of your dreams with Damon braces!