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Here at Wise Dental we pride ourselves for Achieving QIP accreditation because it takes dedication, teamwork and commitment to continuous quality improvement.

About QIP accreditation

Being a QIP Accredited practice means that Wise Dental valued patients benefit from several governing policies that are put in place to provide a working model for best practice. One such policy, for example, allows us to utilise scrupulously observed infection control practices whenever you visit. All staff are conversant with the requirements of infection control set out by the relevant governing bodies both nationally and at state level and all staff receive regular training and updates in this critical area of patient care.

QIP Dental Practice Accredited Logo

Along with this, Wise Dental also prides itself on its Work Health and Safety standards and has a working party made up of staff members who consistently review risk management strategies so that patients, staff and other visitors may rest assured that their physical and mental well-being is uppermost during their visit.

Accreditation means that all staff members follow strict protocols when it comes to patient privacy and confidentiality and measures are in place to ensure that each patient receives information about the treatment they are to receive so that they can make informed decisions based upon that information. In other words, our patients have a voice and are pro-active in their treatment.

We are proud to be a QIP Accredited practice and to offer our patients peace of mind.