At Wise Dental, we offer high-quality dental implant procedure options that are tailor made to suit your exact dental needs. A dental implant is an extremely stable screw that is installed in the root of the tooth where it fuses with the bone to create a base for a dental crown. We offer a number of dental implant types that are an excellent way to replace loose, damaged or missing teeth.

Dental Implant Types

Endosteal Implant

Endosteal implants are installed directly into the jawbone where they fuse with the natural bone. They are the most commonly used dental implant types and are made using titanium.

Subperiosteal Implant

Dentists recommend subperiosteal implants for patients who do not have the jawbone density required for endosteal implants. These implants are placed under the gums and are not surgically embedded into the bone itself.

Zygomatic Implant

Individuals with low bone density can also opt for zygomatic implants that are longer than traditional implants. This allows them to find stability using the deeper, denser zygomatic bone. Zygomatic plants are costly, but have a higher success rate than other implants.

Dental Implant Procedure

At WiSE Dental, we follow a dental implant procedure that begins with a thorough assessment of your dental health. This allows our dentists to use an approach that is customised to your needs. After choosing the right implant for you, the dentist will administer a local anaesthetic to eliminate pain and discomfort before installing the implant into the jawbone. Once it is properly fixed, the gums will be closed up.

Over the next few weeks, the implant is allowed to heal and gradually fuse with the natural jawbone. This creates an extremely strong base that functions just like a natural tooth. Once the implant has properly healed, the dentist will be able to screw on a porcelain dental crown that is shaped to fit your jaw. A dental crown is made from highly stable and strong materials, which means that it looks and feels just like a natural tooth.

Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implant benefits include:


Dental implants fuse to the bone and are made from titanium, which is a material that lasts longer than other alternatives.

Preserves Bone Density

Studies show that dental implants support the natural bone, helping it maintain its natural density

Natural Look and Feel

Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. They are resistant to decay and allow you to eat all your favourite foods and speak naturally.

Dental Implant FAQs

What Does a Dental Implant Cost?

Dental implant cost in Australia can range between $3,000 – $5,500 per tooth.

Am I a Candidate For Dental Implants?

You’re an ideal candidate for a dental implant if:

  • Your have the required level of general and oral health
  • Your jawbone has adequate density
  • You do not show signs of periodontal disease

What Are The Risks Associated WIth Dental Implants?

Dental implant surgery is a tried-and-tested procedure that is used worldwide with a high-degree of success. However, some of the rare risks associated are:

  • Failure of implant to fuse to bone
  • Improper placement of the implant
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage

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