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Root canal treatment is a safe and extremely common procedure performed by dentists worldwide. It involves using special dental tools to drill a precise hole into a decayed tooth to remove the dental pulp in the centre. The pulp of the tooth is made up of nerves, blood vessels and tissue that connect to the root of the tooth. When a patient’s tooth is severely decayed, a root canal dentist has to remove the pulp entirely to stop further decay.

Root canal therapy may also require the installation of a crown so that the patient can chew and speak normally.

Image of four teeth and root canal therapy on the teeth

When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

You may require root canal treatment if:

  • You have a deep infection in a tooth or large filling
  • Your teeth have been compromised by advanced gum disease
  • A serious injury has damaged a tooth
  • You have a fractured tooth that is infected due to bacterial growth
  • Excessive teeth grinding has caused damage to a tooth

The aim of root canal therapy is to stop serious tooth decay so that your tooth can be saved. If left unaddressed, decay may result in one or more of your teeth being extracted, which is a far more invasive procedure. Tooth replacements are costly, time consuming and never a perfect substitute for natural teeth. Root canal treatment addresses decay effectively and protects your gums as well.

Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

  • Excessive pain and pressure around a tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks
  • Your tooth feels loose or wobbly
  • Discolouration of the tooth
  • Presence of pus at the site of the tooth
  • Facial swelling

A root canal dentist at WiSE Dental will perform thorough examinations and check x-rays to provide you with a precise diagnosis.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

One of the biggest myths surrounding root canal treatment is that it is a painful procedure. At WiSE Dental, our world-class dentists are equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology. We guarantee that the procedure is completely painless. Before the procedure begins, an effective local anaesthetic is used to render the area completely numb. While you may feel some pressure while the dentist is at work, there is no pain during the procedure itself.

The most painful thing about a root canal is the anxiety you might experience waiting until it’s your turn to sit in the dentist’s chair!

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