Sinus Lift in Macquarie Park

When there’s not enough bone in the jaw to support dental implants, our dentists at Wise Dental uses bone grafting to help create a stable anchor for the placement of implants. But when the maxillary sinuses (located on either side of the nose) are too close to the jawbone, there may not be enough room for the placement of dental implants. Our dentists can perform a sinus lift in order to move the sinus membrane upward, creating enough space to place a bone graft that will later support your dental implant.

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What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a specialized bone grafting procedure that can prepare the jaw for dental implants when the sinuses are too close to the jawbone. By lifting the sinuses away from the jawbone, adequate space can be created for the bone to grow in order to support dental implants.

Using advanced surgical techniques, our dentists here at Wise Dental makes an incision to create a small window in the jawbone. This allows to access and lift the sinus membrane on the other side of the window. By gently moving the sinus membrane away from the jawbone, our dentists create space for the bone grafting materials. Once the bone graft is completed, the graft will be allowed time to integrate with the jawbone and heal before dental implants are placed. While individual circumstances vary, in most cases.

Patients with some bone but not enough to place a dental implant can benefit from an “Internal Sinus Lift.” This is a procedure where placing the bone graft under your sinus and a dental implant at the same time. The “Internal Lift” minimizes the risk of a full Sinus lift as well as shortens the treatment time required for the completion of the healing and implant process, so everything is completed in one step.