At WiSE Dental, our dentists are dedicated professionals who are committed to always learning and finding new, innovative ways to provide modern care for our patients. In addition to providing you with a winning smile, our team can help you improve facial aesthetics with anti wrinkle and lip enhancement.

Facial Injectables

Can Cosmetic Injections Improve My Facial Aesthetics?

 The most common uses for anti wrinkle facial injections include treating: 

  • Lines appearing on the forehead (frown lines) 
  • Between the eyes 
  • Around the eyes (crow’s feet) 
  • Across the bridge of the nose (bunny lines) 
  • Chin dimples (orange peel chin) 
  • Depressor correction (sad mouth) 
  • Gummy smiles (where the gums are too prominent when smiling or where one side of the lip does not rise as much as the other side, giving a lopsided smile) 

While more commonly used for aesthetic purposes, cosmetic injectables can also provide crucial functional treatment for conditions including headaches, facial pain and temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and tooth grinding (bruxism). 

What are Anti Wrinkle Facial Injections?

Cosmetic injections relax the muscles under the surface and help to fade hyperdynamic lines in the skin caused by muscles that are not fully relaxed. These hyperdynamic lines tend to deteriorate the skin, appear to “age” the person and can lower their self-esteem. Developing wrinkles and fine lines are a normal part of the ageing process.  

When we make expressions or squint in the sun, our facial muscles contract. Over time, the collagen content and overall elasticity of our skin decreases, meaning lines can form in the frequently contracted areas. Anti wrinkle injections help reduce the appearance of these lines, creating a smoother, more even and refreshed appearance. 

What is a Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement helps reduce collagen loss and volume reduction that occurs with age as well as improve facial balance and reducing wrinkles and fine lines around your lips. Using simple dermal fillers, you can improve the definition and shape of your lips. 

Patients of all ages are also commonly interested in lip enhancement treatments to improve the pout and overall plumpness of their lips. Dermal filler can address a lack of fullness and definition or simply enhance the natural appearance of your lips.  

Why Choose Our Dentists for Cosmetic Injections?

Our team of dentists has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy in addition to daily practical experience dealing with the functional and aesthetic aspects of the muscles of the face. This gives us the ability to provide accurate and comfortable injections that help you achieve the best possible result. Speak to us to book an appointment with a qualified anti wrinkles expert who’ll provide facial injections in a clinical, safe environment. 

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