Children and adults can experience anxiety when the time comes to visit the dentist. In fact, one in twenty people feel such strong anxiety toward a dental visit that their fear is categorized as a phobia. Even an average level of nervousness toward the dentist chair can cause some people to avoid the dentist completely, which can have painful and costly long-term consequences for their dental health. If you are one of many who wish to have a relaxed, pain-free and comfortable dental experience, sedation is available.

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As practiced by the highly trained professionals at Wise dental, sedation is safe and effectively provides relaxation and comfort during dental procedures. To learn more about our available types of sedation for dental treatments, contact any one of our friendly staff today on 02 9216 7676.

Sedation Dentistry Wise Dental

Our Dentists at Wise Dental understand the apprehension many people feel toward dental work. In order to help anxious patients undergo their dental work, Wise Dental offers a range of comfortable, safe sedation options. Sedation Dentistry has helped so many of our patients receive their desired dental treatment under anxiety- and pain-free conditions.

Whether a patient has a fear of dental injections or general discomfort with the idea of someone accessing the inside of their mouth sedation dentistry can enable them to receive their dental work under the least amount of stress possible. It enables individuals too afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental care they need while avoiding the common apprehension known as dental phobia.

IV Sedation

IV sedation keeps a patient relaxed and oblivious to the dental work they are receiving, while also keeping the patient awake and functional enough to interact with their dentist when required. IV sedation also acts quickly and allows your dentist to adjust the sedation level as needed. This type of sedative will be administered intravenously.

IV Sedation also has an amnesic effect of their dental procedure, a welcome outcome for patients with extreme anxiety toward their dental experience.

Penthrox (handheld device sedation)

Penthrox Sedation is a self-administered inhaled analgesic handheld device used by the dentists at Wise Dental for relieving anxiety.

The Penthrox is very commonly used in ambulance services and it also looks like the whistle.

Penthrox provides immediate pain relief and decreases the anxiety levels for patients when used by the dentists during their dental treatments.

Penthrox has been used in Australia for more than thirty years. It contains gases, which allows the patient to breathe in those gases. It’s effectiveness depends on how much the patient inhales the gas.

With the Penthrox device, the patient is in control of the device and the patient can use it as required and feels relaxed. Penthrox can be used in most cases of dental treatment in relieving anxiety.

If you’re interested in finding Penthrox sedation dentistry prices with our dentists for your treatments, call our friendly reception at Wise Dental on 02 9216 7676. They will advise and guide whether to use Penthrox for your next dental procedure.