The Benefits of Wearing Occlusal Splints for Teeth Grinding and Clenching

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Benefits of Occlusal Splints for Teeth Grinding

Teeth clenching or teeth grinding is a common condition that is believed to be caused by stress. This condition is also known as bruxism, and is experienced by children as well as adults. Teeth grinding is involuntary and can happen when a person is asleep. The human jaw is capable of exerting a large amount of force, which means that if left unaddressed, teeth clenching can cause damage to the jaw and crack teeth. One of the best ways to address this problem is to use an occlusal splint to protect the teeth and jaw while you sleep at night.

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What Is An Occlusal Splint?

An occlusal splint is a custom designed dental appliance that fits perfectly over your teeth. It protects the teeth and jaw, is easy to remove and provides relief from Bruxism. Splints are usually worn at night to protect you from clenching involuntarily while asleep.

They can also be worn while working, studying, or any activity during which you are likely to unconsciously grind your teeth.

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Benefits of Occlusal Splints

Prevent Tooth Damage

Excessive clenching of teeth, especially while asleep at night, can cause serious damage to the teeth. The force exerted by the jaw can lead to cracked teeth which can be extremely painful and may require prolonged and expensive dental treatment. Grinding of teeth can wear away the enamel, making you prone to cavities and tooth decay. An occlusal splint relieves the pressure on the teeth, keeping them safe from self-inflicted wear and tear.

Reduce Jaw Pain & Headaches

Bruxism is a condition that can seriously impact a person’s quality of life. One of the most challenging symptoms to deal with is the constant headache and jaw pain experienced by patients. Occlusal splints are custom-fitted to match the exact shape of your jaw and made from materials that absorb the pressure exerted on the joints of the jaw.

Improve Quality of Sleep

One of the most damaging effects of bruxism is that it drastically affects a person’s quality of sleep. Studies show that lack of sleep is directly linked to a number of serious health conditions. Sleep deprivation leads to cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, increases the risk of diabetes and hampers the ability to focus and concentrate.

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