The Benefits of Interdental Brush for Oral Health

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The Benefits of Interdental Brush for Oral Health

If you are an individual who often forgets to floss because it is time consuming and uncomfortable, WiSE Dental recommends using an interdental brush which is an excellent alternative to flossing. No dental hygiene program is complete without an effective way to remove plaque and food debris stuck deep between teeth. In this blog, we discuss the reasons why interdental brushes are growing in popularity with Australians who want the benefits of a quality oral hygiene routine.

What Are Interdental Brushes?

An interdental brush is a small, mini toothbrush with tiny bristles on it that are designed to fit into tiny gaps between your teeth. Interdental brushes are available in a range of sizes so you can always find one that fits the spaces between your teeth. The brush is made up of a fine wire with tiny bristles and a handle, and may be referred to as interproximal brushes in some cases.

How Does an Interdental Brush Help Protect Your Teeth?

Keeps Dental Appliances Clean

Interdental brushes do more than just clean between teeth, their design makes them extremely versatile and effective for cleaning around dental bridges, implants and braces.

More Effective Than Flossing

Research shows that interdental brushes play an important role in preventing tooth decay and gum disease, and may even be superior to floss when it comes to reducing plaque and gingivitis. Interdental brushes allow you to clean between all your teeth regardless of their position and ensure that every corner of the mouth can be reached. Failure to manage tooth decay could lead to root canal therapy or tooth extractions at a later date.

If you are an individual living with severe gum disease, contact WiSE Dental to speak with periodontist Macquarie Park relies on for information on gum disease treatment.

Comfortable To Use

Most people tend to avoid flossing because it is a time consuming process but when it comes to dental care, cleaning between your teeth is the most important step. Interdental brushes are easy to use and cause less discomfort than flossing.

Effective Daily Plaque Removal

Plaque is a thin, sticky layer of film mostly made up of bacteria and is extremely damaging to your teeth and gums. Plaque build-up can eventually lead to the wearing away of tooth enamel and result in painful gum disease. While plaque build-up is unavoidable and should be cleaned professionally by a dentist during routine check-ups, one of the most effective ways to remove plaque on a daily basis is with the use of an interdental brush.

Experienced Periodontist Macquarie Park

At WiSE Dental, we believe that invasive therapies such as root canal treatment and tooth extraction can be avoided with the right oral care routine. Contact us today to speak with a dental expert who can recommend the right interdental brush for you.