What Are Composite Resin Fillings?

When it comes to restoring your damaged and decayed teeth, composite resin fillings are one of the most effective and highly recommended options. As forms of restorative dentistry, these fillings are a plastic that has incorporated ceramic material that increase the strenght that is natural looking and effective.

What Are Composite Resin Fillings Used for?

If your teeth have been decayed, damaged or misshapen, fillings can be used to restore their shape, function and appearance. Composite resin fillings excel in this area because their structure is tooth-coloured and natural looking. Originally used on front teeth only, composite resin fillings are now used to restore all teeth in the mouth, providing fantastic cosmetic and restorative results.

Bonding (the placement of composite resin on the front teeth for aesthetic purposes) allows us to mould beautiful smiles like artists mould clay statutes. The use of a light hardened white filling allows our team to mould, shape, and sculpt your tooth without worrying about time or having to rush through the white filling procedure. Once we are sure the white filling looks great, it is then hardened using a dental curing light.

How Are Fillings Placed?

Composite resin fillings are typically created in layers and gradually shaped to fit your damaged tooth. This allows our dentists to create beautiful smiles and effective teeth. Once we are sure your new filling looks great, it is hardened using a dental curing light. After being fitted, we can polish your composite resin filling, protecting against initial wearing and staining.

Why We Choose Composite Resin FillingsĀ 

Advancing dental technology means patients have more options for their fillings today than ever before. At Wise Dental, we recommend composite fillings over their traditional metal counterparts for aesthetic and restorative reasons:

  • Composite resin fillings can be bonded to create a natural looking tooth colour that almost precisely matches your own. This is compared to the unavoidable metal look for traditional fillings.
  • Composite materials bond with your tooth to prevent the remaining tooth structure. Metal fillings rely heavily on mercury to maintain the strength of your filling.
  • Metal fillings are prone to staining while composite resin fillings are not.
  • Metal fillings are more prone to temperature changes and will result in a gradual darkening of the tooth over time.

Find Out why Composite Resin Fillings Are Right for You

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