Comprehensive Examination

We allocate 60 minutes to do a comprehensive exam for our patients.
At Wise Dental a comprehensive exam includes thorough examination of the:



soft tissues

muscles and structures surrounding the mouth

oral cancer screening

x-rays and photographs

It is the best way to allow our dentists to help all our patients achieve and maintain good oral health and tailor treatment and preventive care to an individual’s needs, budget and wishes.

Many dental issues are silent, not causing any problem or pain until they are quite advanced, our comprehensive examination allows our dentists to show our patients any issues that may exist in their mouth
It is important that these issues are fully understood by our dentists so we can best meet our patients’ needs.

For any Comprehensive examination in the Sydney area, please call Wise Dental at (02) 9216-7676 or email us to schedule an appointment at our office in Macquarie Park, NSW 2113.