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How To Alleviate Dental Anxiety and Fear

Are you feeling extreme stress at the thought of visiting the dentist? Is the experience of being at a dental clinic dominated by feelings of fear and distress? It is possible that you are one of many Australians who suffer from a common condition known as dental anxiety. As a dentist North Ryde families trust, WiSE Dental would like to assure you that we take dental anxiety very seriously and work closely with our patients to help reduce anxiety so that they can get the dental care they need in a stress free environment. Here are some effective ways to help manage dental anxiety.

Signs of Dental Anxiety

Patients with severe dental anxiety often experience the following:-

  • Inability the sleep due to fear of an upcoming dental appointment
  • Physical and emotional distress and the feeling of being sick
  • Physical sensations such as heart palpitations, extreme sweating, light-headedness or irritable behaviour
  • Physical inability to enter a dentist’s office
  • Irrational fear that they will experience extreme pain at a dentist’s office

Talk To Your Dentist

The most important step you can take towards overcoming dental anxiety is to speak with a dentist who is understanding and empathetic. You should be able to ask any and all questions you may have, and be provided answers that help you mentally prepare for the visit. A compassionate Dental expert should be able to provide you with coping strategies to manage stress, and explain how your specific fears are addressed at the clinic. During the procedure, the dentist will communicate with you, explain each step and give you the freedom to stop when you need a break.

Relaxation Techniques

There are many different ways to relax and focus the mind before visiting the dentist. Here are just a few:

  • Listen to your favourite music
  •  Use a stress ball to keep your hands occupied in the waiting room
  • Deep breathing exercises are known to reduce stress, relax muscles and improve oxygen flow
  • Visualisation and guided imagery techniques help keep you calm in stressful situations
  • Yoga and meditation are known to improve mindfulness and help manage anxiety

Sleep Dentistry

For patients with extreme dental anxiety, sleep or sedation dentistry may be a viable option. Your dentist will take certain factors into account to determine whether you are a candidate for sedation dentistry. Dentists use oral safe and effective oral sedatives, nitrous oxide or intravenous sedation to completely eliminate any sensation of pain.

Patient-Centric Family Dentist Macquarie Park

At WiSE Dental, our approach to dental care is entirely focused on the patient’s comfort and well-being. Whether you are coming in for a routine check-up, tooth extraction or digital dental implants scan, every procedure is conducted with the utmost care. If you are someone who is avoiding the dentist’s office due to severe dental anxiety, do not hesitate to contact our team immediately. We work closely with our patients to find effective, personalised solutions to make you feel comfortable.